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Mustard Seed Faith

How is THIS my life?


Six weeks ago our 7th child, our 7th son to be exact, arrived.  The photo above was taken about 16 hours after he was born, when his brothers packed the solarium down the hall from our room at the hospital and met their newest brother for the first time.

~O my 3 year old seen above holding the stuffed kitty, so enjoyed meeting his little brother for the first time outside of my belly that he comes up to baby ~P every few days and says to him in his 3 year old way “That was so bootiful at the hospital…” reminiscing about that special moment and thanking his baby brother for his role in it.

I always tell people that I never dreamed I would have a big family.  I grew up with two older brothers and three kids if I was going to be pressed to pick a number always seemed like a good one.

So really I have no well thought out, hammered in steel answer as to why I have this outrageous life besides mustard seed faith.

What is mustard seed faith?

It’s hearing the subtle voice of God that rises up inside you like a wisp in thoughts that seem all too easy to shush away as ridiculous, impossible, foolish, and imprudent and saying yes to them.

God then takes your yes and grows it, like a mustard seed.

Mustard seeds are really small, but when planted and watered they grow into something quite large, nothing like how they started.

And yup I heard, “Give me the things you are white knuckling Lisa.”:  so bit by bit one yes at a time I :  moved to Vermont away from family and friends, tamed my perfectionist tendencies, turned to humility instead of pride, and the biggie, gave God control of my fertility.

I know, it sounds crazy but there it is and each time I say yes to those nagging whispers this life becomes more and more filled with grace (the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become more like him).

Not perfect, but filled with grace.  Yes I get irritated and let myself and others down, but I am so thankful that I have more opportunities to try again in little mustard seed sized portions.

I have seen with my own eyes how that mustard seed grows, and it is beautiful.

Love to y’all.





Rainy Day Cider Making -while we wait…

We were able to pick about 3/4 of a bushel of apples from our trees today.  A very small harvest this year, but we mixed it with a couple of varieties we picked from a local orchard last week and were able to press almost a gallon of cider tonight.  Apple leather (like a fruit roll up) is drying in the dehydrator, Kevin and ~C made apple cake this afternoon, and now we have fresh pressed cider.  I think we made the most of this rainy day while waiting for our 7th baby boy to arrive.  Here are some photos and a short video of the cider making.  We decided to bring the cider press into the kitchen as it was dark outside by the time we were ready to get going.

Home Made Cider Press

The boys watch while Kevin presses the apple mush (ground up apples) in our home made cider press.

Cider Being Pressed

~O watching the fresh cider come out.

Fress Apple Cider


We ended up using 5 different varieties to make our cider. It was tart and tasty.

Apple Mush

~O and ~C feeling the dry “cake” left over from pressing the apple mush or ground up apples. This will be good to feed to the chickens.

Today is this little baby’s due date, glad to have some fun distractions as we await his arrival.  The boys are getting excited for winter, using the wood stove again, snow, etc.  While their excitement can be overwhelming at times, it can also happily, to this very pregnant mama, be contagious…



When life threatens your Peace and voles steal your Joy.

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An Ant in the Garden.

I’ve been a bit grumpy, tired, blob like, and out of necessity pared down and focused. You are likely to find me laying on the floor while our youngest Mr. ~G (17 months) does his little pivot butt motion that he has discovered gets him quickly wherever he wants or he may be using hisContinue Reading

Bosom Buddies…

  There is no mistaking that ~O and ~G love each other. One of ~O’s favorite things is getting into the crib with his younger brother.  Here’s a photo of them from this morning: We took a walk a little later and for what ever reason ~O did not want to get out of theContinue Reading

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails…

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Fresh eggs and wild violets

The babies are asleep and I have a few precious moments of peace.  I wanted to share with you a simple moment I just had.  These little bits of time nourish me for when all the busy busy inevitably starts back up. I was sitting on the back deck reading and remembered the eggs hadn’tContinue Reading

Easter Reflection – A Borrowed Heart

As I said in my previous post, it has been a challenging Lent on many fronts (in the grand scheme of things all little stuff, but challenging none the less).  Last night I attended Easter Vigil for the first time with my 10 yr. old son ~K.  He really wanted to go, it was aContinue Reading

Forecast – Sunny Weather.

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Waiting on Spring.

  As beautiful as today is I am just aching for spring to make it to Vermont.  Clouds thick as the snow on the ground and bright blue skies. ——————————————- Our sap buckets and other riff raff are just hanging out with trees untapped.  Hopefully sometime this week we’ll put them to their use asContinue Reading

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