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The Humbling Music of “ma”…

This morning I sit with 10 month old ~G playing on the floor.  He has been babbling, babababa, a couple of snorts, some dadas.  Then I hear it, “ma”. I try to encourage him and make the sign for mommy while saying “ma ma” and I smile big to let him know he is on to something.

I see his lips start to form the mmm sound and hear another small “ma”.  When he starts to pull my hair and move on to other sounds I know the moment passed.  He is so close…

~G as most of you know has Down syndrome which doesn’t define him, but does have its laundry list of possible delays and health risks.  Speech can come at varying ages or even never, so I am more aware of it with him than his 5 older brothers.

His little “ma” was like music.

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, the day Mary gave the big old yes to God, and accepted His invitation to become mom to Jesus.

Just as ~G comes with his set of unique unknowns that only faith gives peace to, how amazing for this young girl to wholeheartedly give the big question mark of her life to God (and all of us) in the birth, life, and death of her son.

I can’t imagine how utterly humbling it must have been the first moments when Jesus uttered “ma”.

I’ve made a necklace honoring that relationship of mother and son, creator and created.  It has been in the works for well over a year and has sent me on a journey to get to know Jesus’ mum better.

It is called “The Lord is with Thee”.

The Lord is with Thee – Painted Sterling Silver Cross

Here’s the link to the page at Little Lisa Studios if you want to see more about it:

I’ll leave you with a pic of ~G and his uber cuteness.


Love love love,




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  1. Sheryl Gunapati says:

    Look at that picture! What a love bug!! I can’t wait to see your family again! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Sending light and love, Sheryl

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