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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails…

The ultrasound today confirmed it, another Laverty BOY will be coming our way this fall.

In honor of all the boy boy boy oh boy boy boy boy of our household, this is what went on when we got home from picking up my oldest from track practice this afternoon:

Boys holding snake

and this is what 12 years of boys has done to me:

IMG_1190 IMG_1189 IMG_1188 IMG_1187

I tracked this snake around to get a good picture, taking my time, trying different angles, stepping out of its’ way in my flip flopped feet when it slithered close to me, etc.   This is not the Lisa of 13+ years ago.  Many thanks Steve Irwin and the many other Animal Planet peeps my oldest introduced me to when he was little that still inspire many of the boys to catch these critters today.

Does this make me prepared for son #7?  I don’t know.  Maybe he won’t even like snakes, or dirt, or pokemon, or legos, only time will tell…


But I do know that Mr. G is part of the team now and like all of his older brothers, he now has a little brother…


I had a few tears today when I said to Kevin “Am I really qualified to raise 7 boys and not screw them up”!?

God I know you know what you are doing here, lend me your strength, fill me with faith, and hope, and mercy for when I fall, and I’ll just keep running to you in whatever direction you want me to go.  Thank you for this awesome responsibility that I in no way deserve.

I pray that everyone who reads this knows that your path no matter how hard or how lovely is not one you take alone.  We truly are in this damn, crazy hard, beautiful life together…

Love y’all.


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  1. Alicia says:

    God is good Lisa! You know boys well! 🙂 Much Love you wonderful Mother!

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